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JP and Cassi Cooney are local residents of Virginia Beach with a passion for fire and life safety. Together they have a combined 22 years in the fire department. Because of this they have seen first hand what proper training and equipment can do to promote safety and provide good outcomes in the time of an emergency prior to 911 personnel being on scene. They use their training and knowledge to provide you with the resources to have the best possible outcomes.

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Meet The Team

JP Cooney

JP Cooney

JP Cooney is co-owner and lead tech for our fire service department. He started in the fire department at the age of 16 and became a fire fighter and EMT. He comes from a multi-generational legacy in the fire service. To say it is in his blood is an understatement.
At 17 he started a job in the fire and life safety business and quickly gained experience in all things associated with fire alarm and fire extinguisher maintenance and testing.
He brings a decade of experience and knowledge to our company. As well as a passion for fire prevention from his time in the fire department.
In his off time, he loves to spend the day on the beach or out photographing nature.

Cassy Cooney

Cassi Cooney

Cassi Cooney is our co-owner and AHA Training Site Coordinator.

She joined the fire department at 20 years old and became an EMT. She worked as a tech in the IMC/ICU at a local hospital for 2 years and then transitioned to full time 911 EMS for the next 6 years. She served as an officer at her volunteer station where she was the head of the CPR program for the fire department as well as the community. She went on to become a paramedic in her time with the fire department.

She comes to us with 13 years experience as a CPR instructor and as well as her first responder experience. Due to her wide range of career experience she can tailor classes to all different medical fields as well as non-medical fields. She has a passion for making sure everyone knows what to do in an emergency- from the start of the emergency, to how to call 911, to how to treat a patient either through CPR or first aid.

In her off time she loves spending the day at the beach.

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When I needed an inspection and servicing of the fire extinguishers for my business I was fortunate to call Cooney's Fire and Life Safety company . JP handled everything in a timely and professional manner as well as educating the staff in Fire safety and the proper use of the equipment . I will continue to depend on him for yearly inspection and servicing and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of these services. Steve *

Steve P

Small Business Owner

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